"Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog."

Roald Dahl - Matilda

About me

Basically I'm "that old guy at the front row".

Back in the nineties I made my first websites using notepad at our local library.
After pursuing a teaching career - and consequently working in logistics for four years - I decided to pick up my old passion for web and app development and enrolled at Howest to study New Media and Communcation Technology.
Best decision I've ever made!

I'm now a developer with a high interest in design and with a background in education and history.
I'm also hapilly married, holder of a drivers license (B) and the owner of a car.


Programming / scripting

html - css
js - jquery
Angular 2
java for android



In progress



1987 - born
Ostend, Belgium

2005 - finished high school
Onze-lieve-vrouwecollege Oostende

2005-'08 bachelor in secondary education
History - IT - Roman Catholic religion
Artevelde Hogeschool

2009-'10 additional history courses

2010 Interim jobs
Police department Bredene
Tourism office Bredene
Ombudsman Bostoen building company

2010-'14 logistic employee
DSV solutions

2014-2017 full time student
New Media and Communications Technology, Howest
graduated summa cum laude (grootste onderscheiding)


365 ECTS credits

  • Bachelor in secondary education
    167 credits
    Subject bachelor thesis: e-learning
  • Additional classes at UGent history dept.
    15 credits
  • Bachelor multimedia and communication technology: NMCT
    180 credits - summa cum laude
    Subject bachelor thesis: web accessibility @ development
  • Multidisciplinary project
    Co-constructing healthy experiences & smart objects, spaces and places
    3 credits
  • CCNA Routing and Switching: introduction to networks

Voluntary work & events

Experience as team member

  • Head animator kazou youth camps
  • Head of accredited fraternity Dionysus
  • Internship: diocesan library and documentation center Ghent
  • Internship: archives of Ghent University
  • Project: e-learning module for the process management course at Howest
  • Project: LoRa geolocation for Proximus
  • Participation: apps for Ghent
    (2014, 2016 & 2017)
  • Participation: Windows 10 developer day
  • Internship: esign web & graphics agency



A CSS multiple radial gradient generator
I made it, because I need it.

Multiple gradient generator

Client: Personal work

Date: 02/2017



The cleansing application!

This app helps organize your household and rewards those who finish most tasks.

Simply swipe left or right and send notifications to other members of your household.

*Caution: Work in progress*

The cleansing - app

Client: NMCT semester 5

Date: 12/2016

Android - Firebase


A household organizer to keep track of your cleaning schedule and rewards those who finish most tasks each month.

Never argue again about who does what in your household!

The cleansing

Client: NMCT semester 5

Date: 12/2016

Angular 2 - node.js - firebase - sockets - Sass - Webpack


Three.js - google cardboard tutorial created in cooperation with Tijl Bulcaen.

Three.js tutorial

Client: NMCT semester 4 - new media

Date: 05/2016

Three.js - google cardboard - education

A .Net application to enable geolocalisation of LoRa sensors.

This was a group project for Proximus

LoRa geolocalisation project

Client: Proximus (@NMCT)

Date: 05/2016

ASP.Net - Webhooks - Azure storage - Azure webjobs - triangulation


My very first app!

Although very basic, I'm emotionally attached to the thing. It's basically a kitchen clock that let's you watch random YouTube videos while you wait.

YouTube timer

Client: NMCT semester 4 - mobile app development

Date: 05/2016

Android - YouTube API


This data visualisation project shows Ghentians in which district they are more likely to find a date.

It also provides an interesting insight in Ghentian demography.

Participant at AppsForGhent 2016

Weunt a lief in Wachtebeke?

Client: NMCT semester 3 - web advanced

Date: 12/2015

JS - CSS - open data - Chartist


This mashup combines Google Maps and the bibnet catalog.

It searches for books based on destination and provides you with the ultimate reading experience on vacation!


Client: NMCT semester 3 - web advanced

Date: 10/2015

JS - CSS - open data - Google maps

Postcard with illustration of the secession building in Vienna.

Souvenir of our wedding.

secessionsgebäude - Vienna

Client: Personal work

Date: 07/2016


Label for elderflower sirup.

Download .ai

Elderflower label

Client: Personal work

Date: 06/2016



One of the very first pieces of JS I wrote, back in my first year at NMCT.

It provides a responsive 'pinterest effect' with respect to the reading direction.

pure JS masonry script

Client: personal work

Date: 05/2015



This first aid website for new students was my final project for the very first web-related course we got at NMCT.

Still a good place if you're looking for cheap and easy recipes...


Client: NMCT semester 2 - web

Date: 05/2015